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Simon Urli 1.1 1 = Welcome to the Playground =
3 {{info}}
4 {{box cssClass="floatinginfobox"}}
5 {{html clean="false"}}
6 <iframe src="" allowfullscreen></iframe>
7 {{/html}}
8 {{/box}}
10 This a wiki you can use to try out some of XWiki's features.
12 To get started, {{html}}<a data-cke-saved-href="" href="">Register{{/html}} and then log in. Then make all modifications you want in the [[Sandbox Zone>>Sandbox.WebHome]]. Other locations are protected from edition (including this home page) to avoid the wiki from being defaced.
14 If you wish to try a fully functional XWiki, including the Administration parts, we recommend signing up for a [[free trial of XWiki Cloud>>]] (Service provided by XWiki SAS, [[one of the companies sponsoring the development of XWiki>>xwiki:Main.Supporters.SponsoringCompanies.WebHome]]).
16 Note that this wiki is unmoderated and its content is reset automatically every day (including user accounts).
17 {{/info}}
19 = The basics =
21 To make the most out of your wiki, log-in and:
23 Use the {{html clean="false"}}<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-pencil"></span>{{/html}} button above to //edit// this page and start customizing your wiki to your needs.
25 Use the {{html clean="false"}}<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-plus"></span>{{/html}} button above to //add// more pages to your wiki and create the //hierarchy// that best organizes your content.
27 Use the {{html clean="false"}}<span class="glyphicon glyphicon-home fa fa-home"></span><span class="fa fa-caret-down"></span>{{/html}} breadcrumbs located above the title to //navigate// inside your pages. It's easy to get lost in a big wiki without them.
29 You can also use the [[Sandbox>>Sandbox.WebHome]] for more demo content and generally a place to experiment with your wiki's features.
31 {{box}}Learn more on how to use XWiki with the {{velocity}}[[Getting Started Guide>>$xwiki.version]]{{/velocity}}.{{/box}}
33 |(((
34 = Extend your wiki =
36 To extend the power and functionalities of your wiki with the features that //you// need, head over to the {{velocity}}[[Extension Manager>>path:$xwiki.getURL($services.model.createDocumentReference('wiki', 'XWiki', 'XWikiPreferences'), 'admin', 'editor=globaladmin&section=XWiki.AddExtensions')]]{{/velocity}} where you can search for and install extensions.
38 To browse through the 900+ community contributed extensions available for XWiki, head over to the [[Extensions Repository>>]].
39 )))|(((
40 = Create your application =
42 Go beyond the available extensions and define the //structure// of your data based on //your// needs, creating //your// own applications with [[App Within Minutes>>AppWithinMinutes]] (AWM).
44 AWM will take care of making it easy for you and your users to create and manage the data.
45 )))

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