XWiki Syntax 2.1: Tables

2.0 Tables

Allows to easily create content in table format. Parameters for table, row or cell are also supported in XWiki Syntax 2.1.

FeatureXWiki Syntax 2.1Result
Standard table
|=Title 1|=Title 2
|Word 1|Word 2
!=Title 1!=Title 2
!!Word 1!!Word 2
Title 1Title 2
Word 1Word 2
Parametrized table
(% style="background-color:red;align=center" %)
|=Title 1|=(% style="background-color:yellow" %)Title 2
|Word 1|Word 2
Title 1Title 2
Word 1Word 2
Filterable Sortable table
$xwiki.jsfx.use("js/xwiki/table/tablefilterNsort.js", true)

(% class="grid sortable filterable doOddEven" id="tableid" %)
(% class="sortHeader" %)|=Title 1|=Title 2
|Cell 11|Cell 12
|Cell 21|Cell 22
For improved features see the Livetable Macro.
Title 1Title 2
Cell 11Cell 12
Cell 21Cell 22
Created by Admin on 2013/10/18 14:06


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