Name (id)DescriptionVisibilityMacro page
Space Index (spaceindex)Lists documents in a space.Current WikiSpace Index
Example (example)Shows an example and its source code.Current WikiExampleMacro
Notifications Auto Watch Preferences (notificationsAutoWatchPreferences)Current WikiNotificationsAutoWatchPreferencesMacro
Blog Post Layout Link (blogPostLayoutLink)This macro is used to display a blog post as a simple linkCurrent WikiBlogPostLayoutLink
Tree (tree)Displays a tree hierarchy defined by the macro content or the source parameter.Current WikiTree Macro
Document Tree (documentTree)Displays the tree of XWiki documents.Current WikiDocument Tree
Message Sender (messageSender)A control that allows users to enter messages that are handled by the MessageStream module.Current WikiMessage Sender Macro
Blog Post Layout Full (blogPostLayoutFull)This macro is used to display a full blog postCurrent WikiBlogPostLayoutFull
Children (children)Displays a tree of children pages of the current pageCurrent WikiChildren Macro
Icon Picker (iconPicker)Select an icon within the XWiki icon set.Current WikiIcon Picker Macro
Notifications Filters Preferences (notificationsFiltersPreferences)Display the preferences of the current user about notification filters.Current WikiNotificationsFiltersPreferencesMacro
Blog Post Create (blogpostcreate)The Blog Post Create macro is used to insert a post creation form. The macro takes a blog descriptor document as parameter. The new blog posts will belongs to the blog specified in the parameter.Current WikiBlogPostCreate
Blog Post Layout Compact (blogPostLayoutCompact)This macro is used to display a full blog post in a compact modeCurrent WikiBlogPostLayoutCompact
Activity (legacy) (activity)Provide a macro implemented with the Notifications Application to keep a backward compatibility with Activity Stream.Current WikiActivityMacro
Tag Cloud (tagcloud)Displays the cloud of tags in this wiki or in the specified space, if any.Current WikiTag Cloud
Blogs Livetable (blogs)The blogs macro is used to list on a livetable all the blog available on the wiki Current WikiBlogsLiveTable
Cards Blog Post Layout (blogPostLayoutCards)This macro is used to display a blog post using the 'Cards' layoutCurrent WikiBlogPostLayoutCards
Notifications (notifications)Current WikiNotificationsMacro
Documents (documents)Displays a list of documents in a LivetableCurrent WikiDocuments Macro
Blog post list (blogpostlist)The BlogPostMacro is used to search and display blog posts based on some parameters, the results can be displayed using customizable templates.Current WikiBlogPostList
Notifications Email Preferences (notificationsEmailPreferences)Display the preferences of the current user about notification emails.Current WikiNotificationsEmailPreferencesMacro
Notifications Applications Preferences (notificationsApplicationsPreferences)Display the preferences of the current user about notification applications.Current WikiNotificationsApplicationsPreferencesMacro
Calendar (calendar)Displays a CalendarCurrent WikiCalendar Macro
Spaces (spaces)Displays all the spaces in this wiki.Current WikiSpaces
Attachment Selector (attachmentSelector)A control to be used for object properties of the current document that are supposed to contain the name of an attachment from the current (or target) document. Allows uploading new attachments, and deleting attachments from the target document.  If no target document is specified, the current document will be used. Object properties are only saved to the current document.Current WikiAttachments
Blog Post Layout Image (blogPostLayoutImage)This macro is used to display a full blog post with a thumbnail imageCurrent WikiBlogPostLayoutImage
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